Say what you want about reality personality Alexis Skyy, but there's no denying that sis isn't afraid to show off her enviable figure to secure the bag. Whether you're familiar with the 24-year-old multi-hyphenate celebrity from her Instagram modeling sessions, her appearances on the Love & Hip-Hop reality franchise, as Fetty Wap's baby momma or from their shared sex tape, chances are you've seen Skyy publicly show some skin. Most recently making waves for brawling with Blac Chyna and subsequently linking up with her new enemy's ex, Rob Kardashian, Skyy has proven once again that her eye-catching figure is worthy of a slot in the celebrity dating pool. 

Quick to shut down haters who slam her claim to fame, Skyy is happy to welcome the detractors who hop on her social media and Instagram Live sessions to criticize the way she pads her bank account. 

"I just let them talk...I don't even read. Honestly, you know what? While y'all talking shit...I really don't care," Skyy revealed during a recent interview with DJ Self. "Y'all talk about me but you're tuned in to watch me so obviously I'm doing something right. They are really infatuated and in-tune with my life and they're tryna figure it out...because instead of liking me, they try to hate me because they're tyrna figure out what am I doing right. Cuz they're not doing it." 

Love her or hate her, there's no questioning Skyy's sexiness factor. For all the hottest pics posted by the aspiring rap star, check out the Instagram Gallery below. 

Worth A Second Glance  

In an outfit like that, it's not surprising that Skyy is (clearly) the center of attention. 

Slow Motion 

"You will fail trying to keep up 😊," captioned Skyy alongside a slowed-down video of herself posing in skimpy lingerie. 

Message To The Haters 

Clearly, Skyy "can do bad all on her own." 

Side Boob 

In this clothes-free shot, Skyy's natural beauty shines through. 



While Skyy may be a mother, her figure is far from "mom bod" status. 

Tied Up 

"Tell me how you want it," wrote Skyy alongside a smoking still from a recent photo shoot. 

Baby Got Back 

After a quick glance at Rob Kardashian's dating history, it's obvious that the reality star has a type - and Alexis Skyy definitely makes the cut. 


Judging from the lack of scars and cellulite, Skyy never went under the knife for the ability to flex her perfectly-shaped backside. 

Slow Roll 

In this video, Skyy breaks down - slow and sexy - for her nearly 3 million followers.