Atlanta rapper and entrepreneur 2 Chainz, A.K.A. Tity Boi is without a doubt a legend in the rap game. From his humble beginnings under Ludacris' Disturbing The Peace record label to his newfound meteoric success as the solo act 2 Chainz (born Tauheed Epps) the 40-year-old has truly left his mark and lasting legacy within the industry.

What if there was something 2 Chainz was better at than rapping, would you be able to guess right off the bat? If not, we'll give you a hint, it's posted all over his Instagram feed and shows that 2 Chainz has a soft side. If you couldn't guess by now, that thing we are talking about, oddly but not-so-oddly enough, is parenting and being a family man.

If anyone is deserving of 'Rap's Father Of The Year' theoretical Grammy it's 2 Chainz, with company like DJ Khaled and more. Whether he is giving praise to his wife Kesha Ward or sharing candid court side pics of himself and his three children - son Halo and two daughters, Harmony and Heave - at numerous Atlanta Hawk's games, Chainz exemplifies what it means to be a good dad and an all around family man.

We took a dive through his feed to bring you a few of his warmest, family oriented moments. Spoiler alert, this article may or may not be too cute.

If you didn't already know, 2 Chainz is a "Momma's Boy."

The Chainz family unit should be a prime example for all social organizations.

We've all heard that saying, in some form or another, that goes, "A family that Lacrosse's together stays together," right?

Very important sidenote: Halo, Harmony & Heaven, are adorable.




The caption says it all: "If Young Halo don't trust you I'mma shoot ya."

Remember when 2 Chainz broke his leg last year in the middle of his PrettyGirlsLikeTrap tour and ended up still finishing the tour in a wheelchair? If you're wondering how he pushed through the pain, here's his motivation.

If you thought 2 Chainz only cares for his immediate family members, think again, because it's BIG FAMILY MOOD at the Chainz estate.

2 Chainz is now Big OG Drench god, considering his daughters have now taken on the moniker.

Ladies, get you a man that will live his best life with you and wear all white to Gucci Mane's wedding.