Cardi B has had a tumultuous year. The Bronx bred emcee has emerged as a force in the industry much to the chagrin of her critics who believed that the birth of her daughter would impede her success. Despite taking time off to welcome her child to the world, Cardi continued to boast countless Billboard chart-toppers including wildly successful Latin hits, and most recently, her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy was nominated for a Grammy award. The musician's professional success, however, has been overshadowed by personal strife including reports of her husband Offset's infidelity, and legal trouble stemming from charges of third-degree assault — a circumstance that insiders claim has been bred by Cardi's past. 

Cardi has been open about her humble beginnings in the Bronx residential neighborhood, Highbridge. Before gaining notoriety as a professional dancer, Cardi worked as a cashier at an Amish Market in Tribeca. “My sister ran with her as a member of the Bloods [then],” a woman from Cardi's neighborhood told The Post. “If there was a girl dissing her, Cardi’s first instinct was to fight.” Cardi's former manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, who first discovered Cardi while she was dancing claimed that she had been involved in so many of disputes that, “Her apartment door didn’t have a lock because [someone had] kicked it down. So she had a guy she paid to sleep at her house while she went to work so no one would break in.”

Cardi and Nicki's infamous NYFW altercation and news of an assault against two strip-club bartenders believed to have been involved in a tryst with Offset orchestrated by Cardi and her team served to further the narrative that Cardi was prone to turning to violence to solve her problems.  “She has to get to the point of letting some things fly,” said a source from Cardi's team. “She can’t fight everybody.” Other sources inform that Cardi continues to make questionable decisions because she is fueled by old friends who remain attached to a life that Cardi has left behind. “They are really still in the [street] life, which is not good for Cardi.” 

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