HBO and Issa Rae are celebrating the return of Insecure, the break-out hit series based on Rae's internet series Awkward Black Girl. Season three of Insecure debuted on Sunday night, and on the series, the characters watch a fictional television show called Kev'yn. The show within the show now has its own episodes online. 

Two episodes of Kev'yn have been released online. On Insecure's website, the actors for Kev'yn are given fake names and attributes. For example, Kev'yn is played by "Jermain Johnson," who is really played by Bill Bellamy. The meta-series is a nod to Black sitcoms in the 90's, and is directed by Living Single’s Kim Fields. The intro and setting of the show is reminiscent of Martin, while the clothing and hairstyles bring Fresh Prince to mind. 

 The synopsis for the first episode, entitled "The Original" is as follows: “After agreeing to switch gender roles for a day, Kev'yn and Percy realize being a woman isn't a slice of cake.” 

The second episode, called “Colin Kaepernicca” / “Black Wives Matter," focuses on social issues and how far protesting has come. Issa and Daniel watched this episode at the end of Sunday night’s Insecure premiere