Video games are typically a great way to relax and unwind after a hard day of working. Unfortunately, they can also be the death of you and can lead to some pretty stressful moments. During our youth, there have always been times where we wanted to throw our controllers through a wall after something ridiculous happened. For Twitter user Miguel Lozada, that's exactly what happened while playing a game of EA Sports' NFL Madden 20.

Lozada was playing as the Pittsburgh Steelers and was going up against the Detroit Lions. While in the Redzone, his player fumble as is recovered by a Lions player. On the surface, this isn't so egregious until somehow the ball launches out of the defender's hands and into the arms of another Lions defender down the field. The defender eventually ends up scoring a touchdown to put the finishing touches on the impossible play.

The clip eventually went viral and had Madden players all across the internet laughing at this poor man's pain. Glitches like this happen all the time but this has to be one of the funniest ones we've ever seen. It's one of those glitches that makes you question why you even bought the game in the first place.