In an attempt to receive a study bible from an Arkansas institution, a Tennessee jail has learned of John Daniel Carothers' confession of murdering 40-year-old Robert Miller. Miller, a black man, was killed in March after he was set on fire at a Veterans’ Affairs assisted living home. Carothers had penned a letter to be sent to the American Institute of Theology in Arkansas, asking them to send a study bible and admitting to the killing of Miller.

According to a local CBS News affiliate, the AIT is a "small but long-standing group in the Christian Identity movement, which espouses a racist and anti-Semitic religious doctrine." Carothers' letter was written that he was in jail "for burning a black man." He explains that he "set him on fire with lighter fluid poured on his head." The letter was intercepted after jail staff researched the institution where it was being sent.

The reason the inmate was requesting a bible was because, in his opinion, the bible is "about white people and for white people."

Yikes. The district attorney of Rutherford County claims they don't normally see racially driven crimes like this one. This situation is disgusting to read about and we wish to extend our condolences to Robert Miller's family and friends. Read more here.