Shane Bieber is doing everything in his power to distinguish himself from his namesake, Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber.  To avoid the confusion, Bieber, a starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central- once wore a jersey bearing the nameplate "NOT JUSTIN." Unfortunately for him, his initiative has gone, somewhat unnoticed.

For a recent print run of their Stadium Club baseball cards, Topps ltd. referred to Shane as "Justin" in his player bio (on the back end of the card). Somehow- someway, the misprint made it past their quality control dept.- because when Shane tweeted @ Topps hoping for an explanation, they seemed to be pretty bemused by the error themselves. In what can be categorically referred to as good "social media management," Topps Tweeted back to Shane in Bieber lyrics. "Is it too late to say sorry?" they jokingly asked.

All kidding aside, Shane Bieber solid play this season paved the way for his inaugural All-Star selection, next to gunslingers like Justin Verlander and Aroldis Chapman of the New York Yankees, in the AL pitching rotation. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Bieber didn't see a lick of action on the day, as his AL squad took the W by the slimmest of margins, 4-3.