Sheck Wes is a name familiar to the game. The rapper's smash hit Mo Bamba laid the groundwork for the successful release of his debut album "MudBoy" which quickly rose to the top of the charts upon its October-release. Despite being known for his talent, Sheck also accumulated notoriety through his volatile relationship with singer-songwriter Justine Skye. This past year, Justine slowly but surely came out of the shadows to speak at length on the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of an unnamed ex. Though several fans already guessed right, the songstress finally revealed the identity of the aforementioned ex as being Sheck Wes. Since then, Justine Skye has motioned for legal action against Sheck. Moreover, both parties provided their own versions of the story along with receipts. All the while, social media either dragged Sheck Wes in support of Ms. Skye or questioned Justine's statements in support of Sheck. 

Although Sheck Wes escaped charges due to insufficient proof, suspicion remained surrounding the rapper's actions. It now seems the "Kyrie" rapper is ready to move on and fully intends on doing so with his new bae, 23-year old socialite India Love. The two were recently spotted an item at Coachella, where Sheck also performed, and the response from social media was explosive.