It's the fourth of July, which means Americans all over the globe are kicking back and celebrating Independence Day. For the men and women overseas fighting for the country, celebrations may be limited. Their courage and bravery are unquestionable, and we will be cracking open a cold one in their honor today. Not everyone is thrilled with fourth of July celebrations though. One resident in Chesterfield Township, Michigan, has threatened his neighbors if they choose to light off any fireworks tonight. 

According to ABC13police in Chesterfield are investigating an anonymous letter that was sent to residents of a small community that threatens anyone who uses fireworks after 9 PM tonight. The writer of the letter claims that they will make the neighbors' life a living hell if anyone breaks the suggested curfew. The anonymous tough-guy even called out one home in particular that they stated had loud and obnoxious fireworks last year.

"Who does this person think they are sending things like this? Pretty much threatening everyone and everything in this neighborhood," stated neighbor Tony Ivanha. "You're a coward and we're not afraid of you. You're not the God of this neighborhood." There is a ban on using fireworks from midnight until 8 AM, but the writer of the letter works from 4 AM to 2 PM, which suggests that he or she must be in bed very early. Still, residents are legally allowed to shoot fireworks into the night sky in the name of America for three hours after the angry letter writer's proposed curfew.