The first Incredibles film debuted back in 2004, before an arsenal of animated fare and superhero outings flooded the world of cinema in its wake. Nonetheless, the original superhero family is slated to return to their posts and combat the forces of evil plaguing the world 14 years after the original conflict tested their strength and familial bond.

In a sharp turn of events, Elastigirl is assuming the role of lead superhero while her husband, Mr. Incredible, stays at home to tend to their family. The patriarch reveals to Frozone, who is voiced by none other than Samuel L. Jackson, that he has to "succeed so she can succeed so we can succeed." 

The film is centred around the notion that superheroes are illegal, a similar narrative explored in Captain America: Civil War. However, a mysterious tycoon promises to bring "supers back into the spotlight," but only offers Elastigil the opportunity, as opposed to the rest of her family. 

The trailer begins to allude to  Mr. Incredible's inaptitude with certain fatherly duties, including helping his children with math equations and falling asleep during story time with his toddler Jack-Jack. On the other hand, Elastigirl is succeeding in her superhero role, receiving plaudits form people witnessing her commendable work. 

Peep the trailer below in anticipation of its summertime release: