Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert recently teamed up with GQ to show off their favourite jeans and how comfortable they are in them and now they're back with more content on their relationship. The happily married couple sat on some comfy chairs while Teyana asked Iman a number of questions on her favourite coffee order, favourite actress, celebrity crush, and the name of her first album. 

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

The couple's quiz proved to be an easy go for Iman who successfully pulled in an A+ since getting 37 out of 40 of the answers correct. One of the few questions Iman got incorrect was when Teyana asked him "how do you know when I'm mad at you?"

Iman began explaining how it's when Teyana starts "going deep into her phone" and hides behind her screen in an attempt to not talk to him. "That is not true. I just wear glasses and can't see that good." Teyana responds. Iman's answer to calling Teyana's eye color just "brown" also was a wrong response. 

"My shit is like a black coffee with a drop of cream and a little bit of sugar on the sides...white cane sugar," Teyana explains.

Watch in full below.