Iman Shumpert has always been seen as a nice role player who can make an impact on any team he plays on. Whether offensively or defensively, Shumpert can pretty well do anything you ask him to. These last few years, he has bounced around the league quite a bit and at the beginning of the season, he found himself without a team. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, this has all changed as today, he was signed by none other than the Brooklyn Nets.

For now, it seems like Shumpert will be used sparingly as much of their starting lineup and bench has been established. Regardless, the team now has quite a bit of depth to work with.

Shumpert's signing was met with some praise from his fans although unfortunately, many were upset because the news wasn't about Carmelo Anthony. Melo had been linked to the Brooklyn Nets for some time and fans are still upset that a team has yet to sign him. At this point, it truly feels like the NBA has blackballed him in a way but there is really no way to tell for sure.

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