Last week, Iman Shumpert released a new song titled "His Story," in which he rapped "you best believe I'm gonna take me a knee for the anthem." However, according to Shumpert's recent instagram post, he no longer feels that taking a knee is the answer. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers guard announced that instead of taking a knee during the National Anthem, he'll be donating money for each steal he gets in the upcoming season to foundations that "improve the struggle between the badge and the citizen." Unlike Colin Kaepernick, who has vowed to donate $100,000 per week for 10 weeks, Shumpert didn't directly say how much money he'll be pledging per steal.

At the end of the day though it's really about the message, not the method, so whether he kneels or stands for the Anthem isn't the point as long as he makes good on his promise to help the cause. 

In addition to his thought out IG post, Shumpert took to twitter to relay his message and reach out to Kaepernick, telling him to give Shump a call so they can make something happen. 

Check out his full statement, as well as the song "His Story," below.