iLoveMemphis "Lean & Dabb" Video

Carver Low
January 25, 2016 13:10

The "Hit The Quan" rapper is back for more dance floor dominance with "Lean & Dabb."

Generally speaking, artists who get their fame from a song with a hot dance move have trouble recreating that success. However, “Hit The Quan” rapper iLoveMemphis may have another hit on his hands with “Lean & Dabb.”

While the rapper isn’t inventing his own dance move this time, he is giving some structure to the already wildly successful dance move. He adds one more step to the dance (making a total of two), with the instructions “lean, and dab.” The whole video takes place in a kids’ indoor play center, and the rapper is clearly all about fun with the new song.

“Lean and Dabb” was released as a standalone single. Get it on iTunes if you’re feeling the moves.

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