The past few years have been rough for ILoveMakonnen, but much like Soulja Boy, he's gearing up for a major comeback. At the top of the month, he came through alongside Gucci Mane for the single, "Spendin'." Makonnen's dealt with a few setbacks over the years in both his personal and professional career. He was dropped from OVO and in 2017, he lost his good friend Lil Peep. In a recent interview Real 92.3 LA, he opened up about numerous topics including his current relationship with Drake.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

ILoveMakonnen gave a detailed account of what led OVO to drop him from the label. Makonnen signed to OVO following the success of "Tuesday" and the subsequent remix featuring Drizzy. Makonnen explained that while he was signed to OVO, old tweets would resurface bashing Drake. He revealed that he ended up speaking to OVO and Drake about the tweets. However, he revealed a former member of his crew hacked his account Tumblr and made other disparaging comments towards the OVO camp.

"There was another time when my account got hacked by somebody and they said, 'Fuck OVO, fuck this, fuck that,'" he said. "I ain't gotta make no excuses up, somebody really was out here trying -- they wasn't rolling with the crew no more type of shit." 

He explained how his Tumblr was connected to his Twitter which is why the statements were on both of his accounts. However, things between Makonnen and Drake are all good now.

"We all good now, I mean I ain't on the label no more but it's all love," he said. However, he did reveal that the hack wasn't the sole reason OVO parted ways with him, but it did play a factor in it. "You know how shit already kinda rub you sideways, and then like you would never got to talk about [it], we would never patch it up and then Akademiks start making videos and shit."