The divide between men and women in the entertainment industry continues to grow with the latest news out of Hollywood that popular female comedian Iliza Schlesinger is being sued for allegedly banning men from at least one of her comedy shows.

According to TMZ, Schlesinger has been named in a lawsuit by George St. George, a man who claims that she's presiding over a "war on men." Apparently, the former Last Comic Standing winner was behind a Los Angeles comedy night on November 13th that was called Girls Night with Iliza -- No Boys Allowed. This setup, which leaves no room for interpretation in the title, is being called "repugnant" and "discriminatory" by St. George, who added that it "sets back sex equality hundreds of years."

Schlesinger's legal opponent said the move was as revolting as if a comedian were to hold a "Caucasian Night" or "Heterosexual Night." While your mileage may vary on that one, there's no doubt that the eye-for-an-eye approach from the LCS alum has ruffled at least a few feathers. There's no word on what kind of damages St. George is seeking or whether or not Iliza plans to fight this suit in court instead of settling, but this has the feel of a very contentious public battle that will turn at least a few heads in the comedy community. 

Many entertainers, including famed stand-up Louis C.K., are among the men who have been outed in recent months for despicable acts of sexual misconduct and/or assault, leading many to believe that this problem is so entrenched in Hollywood culture that it seems nearly impossible to change the system and how it works.