Iggy Azalea just dropped off her latest project, "Survive The Summer" after wandering around in a state of musical obscurity for years. The project features Tyga and Wiz Khalifa, two rappers who are well suited to help Iggy jump-start her career again. Although we haven't gotten new music from Iggy in ages, we have been blessed with endless photos of her rear end for months on end. The gorgeous rapper has been filling her social media with half-nude images of her luscious body in every position possible. Sticking to the same sexually charged promotional plan, Iggy has shared another mesmerizing shot of her body. 

Dressed in lime green high heels, Iggy took to the tennis courts fully naked in her latest series of photos. She uses a matching $2,000 Prada purse to cover herself up where necessary, which only adds to the allure of the pics. Although it's easy to see that Iggy is just gracing her fans with a quick look at her bodacious figure to help promote her new project (in which she talks about her body as much as she posts about it), no one here is complaining. Check out the pics below.