Iggy Azalea and Nick Young were once couple goals. The two were engaged to be married and after things went downhill in their relationship, the Aussie and the baller ended things. These days, Iggy Azalea has become a certified twerking machine. It appears that all she posts on her social media profiles are videos of her shaking her booty. While she constantly interacts with her fans on Twitter, her Instagram is pretty much a softcore pornography page. When she bounced a bucket of KFC chicken on her ass for the 'gram, Swaggy P made some comments on Twitter, presumably about his ex, and quickly deleted them. Writing that he was "sorry" to have turned her into that, the NBA player said that's pretty much all she does now, stating that she has more to offer. Catching wind of the tweets, Iggy responded and her reply was perfect.

As her stock rises with the success of "Kream" with Tyga, Iggy posted (and then briefly deleted) her response to the Nick Young drama, promoting her twerk-friendly anthem as she wrote, "chuckles..... alexas play kream." Clearly, Iggy is out here living her best life, striving and celebrating her body. While her music is not as popular as it once was, she is keeping her head up and with singles like "Kream," she can very well creep back up to where she once was.

It's now been over a day since Azalea's last twerk session. With Survive The Summer coming in a few weeks, Iggy will absolutely want to keep the people talking and that means more dancing on her IG.