Iggy Azalea last released a full project back in 2019 with In My Defense. Since then, she's been busy raising her and Playboi Cari's son Baby Onyx and working on her third studio album End of An Era. In addition, it seems like the hitmaker has been secretly working on her very own perfume line Parfum De Azalea. 

She launched its first scent today (June 1) "Devil's Advocate," releasing a provocative commercial alongside the new fragrance. The Aussie native began trending shortly after unleashing the campaign video for the new fragrance in part due to the devil-filled visual for the aptly named scent. Her equally devilish-good looks also stole the show, earning applause from fans for her performance in the ad.

David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

“It’s representing that unabashed, unafraid, naughty side of yourself,” said Azalea of the devil imagery illustrated on the sleek, dark bottle in a new interview. In the image, a nude outline resembling Azalea can be seen embracing the silhouette of a red-horned being. 

“It’s meant to be a reflection of that naughty, cheeky, almost the devil on your shoulder or that part of me that says, like, ‘Just do it, just go, just have fun, go out with your friends that night, double text the guy,’” the rapper went on. “It’s about embracing the duality of yourself.”

She also revealed the concept of the fragrance has been in development for a year now, adding that the concept for the perfume arrived before selecting the scent itself. 

“My approach was a little unique in that way, and I didn’t realize that until I spoke to the perfumer,” she explained. “I suppose I kind of went backward, but for me, that made sense, because I wanted to develop a world of escapism.” 

Check out the ad for "Devil's Advocate" and reactions to the sultry commercial as well and let us know what you think of Iggy's new campaign.