Iggy Azalea is one of the busiest women in hip-hop so far in 2017. After rolling out "Mo' Bounce" and her new Anitta-assisted track "Switch," she's giving fans a sneak preview of yet another song off her forthcoming album, this one called "Typo."

Posting to Snapchat over the earlier this week, Iggy gets sassy with the lyrics for "Typo," giving us plenty of juicy one-liners like, "Keep winning until you feel stupid" or "if it don’t read Iggy is great — typo!"

This new teaser also continues the up-and-down reception to Azalea's newest music thus far. "Mo' Bounce" was a flop that she admitted to on Twitter but "Switch" is gaining more recognition (and radio airplay) over the past couple of weeks. Her album is due out on June 30th.

You can view the Snapchat video here.