One of the brightest rising female rappers is Grand Hustle’s Igga Azalea.  After dropping her Glory EP she has her sights on dropping her debut studio effort.  In a recent interview she talks about how T.I., who has been closely associated with developing her career and music, will no longer be the executive producer on her LP.  She discusses her decision to make eclectic music, and not stick strictly to the traditional rap sound. 

With work on her album The New Classic just underway, and Tip previously attached as executive producer, Iggy says that he no longer is, as the tracks he was working on had already been used on other projects, “He’s actually not anymore, he was going to be, but originally when I was making The New Classic...all the records I had on Glory were supposed to be on The New Classic, and he executive produced Glory.”  They made the decision together to work separately as the Kang’s influence was too strong on the Aussie rapper and she wanted her own sound, “After [leaving the project] he said, and I said, it’s better if I just make my own music away.”

Growing up Iggy’s influences were strictly hip hop, but she is now open to a more EDM sound, as evidenced by her past work with producers like Diplo and Steve Aoki, and says she enjoys that genre as, “dance music can be grimy and it can be hard.”   The Miami artist says fans can expect to hear more collabos with those producers as well as production from her tour DJ, “First Down makes a lot of the beats with me.”