Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti have seemingly been in a very one-sided feud as of late, as Iggy consistently goes on social media to rip Carti for some of the actions he has allegedly committed while in their relationship. Of course, the two have a child together and over the past month, Iggy has alleged that Carti is a deadbeat dad who doesn't even want to make time for his son. While they have seemingly patched things up at times, Iggy continues to make statements on IG and Twitter.

For instance, Iggy recently took to her Instagram with a message for Carti after she got fed up with his supposed antics. Basically, Iggy suspects Carti is currently sleeping around and is more focused on that than he is with seeing his own son.

"Men forever stay choosing vagina over time with their kids. Still!" she wrote.

While Iggy has made statements like this numerous times, Carti has refused to comment, which is consistent with his usual outlook on things. Carti typically keeps a low profile in between albums and that's exactly what he's doing here.

Hopefully, the two are able to patch things up and continue their co-parenting journey, without too much drama.

Iggy Azalea

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