T.I. has been one of the Iggy Azalea's biggest supporters, defending her after Q-Tip gave her a hip-hop history lesson on Twitter and linking up with her for such fine cuts as "No Mediocre" and "Murda Bizness." But some comments he made on Ebro in the Morning suggest that he no longer wants to be affiliated with the controversial Australian rapper.

According to Global Grind, Azalea is surprised to learn to that T.I. has a problem with her since he's still making money off of her. A source close to her said, “she didn’t know there was a problem since T.I. is still collecting publishing checks and acting like everything is normal between them."

On Ebro, Tip explained that he still has interest in doing business with Azalea, but it seems that he's no longer interested in coming to her defense or being any sort of ally. “Everything was cool and then they came back and undid. It’s not that I got tired of cleaning it up,” he said. “I’m a loyal partner and if I rock with you I’m going to rock with you. If we right, wrong, we’ll discuss that in the car. We going to get out of here right now, though. That’s just how I am. Right now I’m going to block the bullets, now go. Now when I say ‘Go’…go. Don’t stand around and talk while I’m blocking bullets. You slowing me down.”

He said he feels bad the way she has been treated and believes that she has "the talent [and] the charisma" to overcome. “In her defense she had a lot thrown at her at one time. Any human being, any where is gonna have a hard time adjusting."

Azalea has a collaboration with Demi Lovato coming soon and plans to next drop solo music in 2016.