Iggy Azalea's at-first-mythical sex tape has turned into a real sex tape, and with that, Iggy's got some legal battles to pursue. As we've reported on, Iggy's ex-boyfriend is attempting to sell their sex tape to Vivid Entertainment. The former boyfriend/producer Hefe Wine claims that he has the rights to the tape, as Iggy signed a contract in 2009 giving him just that. Iggy's legal team initially threatened Vivid with a lawsuit, but now Iggy's suing the man behind it, Hefe Wine.

Iggy has filed a federal lawsuit against Wine, although the sex tape isn't even mentioned in the suit. The lawsuit alleges that Hefe illegally downloaded all of Iggy's computer contents back when they were living together in Atlanta in 2009. She says the data included the master recordings of unreleased songs. In July, Hefe apparently announced that he would be dropping an Iggy EP that would "shock the world." Iggy's lawsuit accuses the ex of either directly using or altering the stolen data in order to create said EP.

On top of this, Iggy accuses Hefe Wine of forgery. She is referring to that contract Hefe says he has, which gives him the rights to her music and videos-- Iggy claims the document is fake, forged together using a legitimate contract she once signed.

We'll update you as this lawsuit unfolds.