Well, Iggy Azalea is just not having a good week, and she continues to take to the public forum of Twitter to vent about it. Yesterday she was calling out the Australian division of her label for apparently selling old photos of her to various magazines, unbeknownst to the rapper herself. Today, it's back to the recent "divorce" scandal, surrounding former boyfriend/sex tape partner Hefe Wine.

Iggy's already responded to these accusations on Twitter when the report initially surfaced, that Iggy's "husband" Hefe Wine was filing for divorce. The two apparently lived together for a period of time in Texas, and agreed to "hold" themselves as husband and wife, and thus, they could be considered legally married-- this according to Hefe, though, not Iggy.

Iggy has gone a lengthy rant today about the court proceedings. She started it off, "Ive settled 2 old contracts privately. Both got a very fair sums & went on about their lives. Real cases are handled in court, not the press." She continued, "My lawyer agreed to be served "divorce" papers but they want to hire someone to serve me in person, probably so it can be another TMZ story," going on to reveal that the other side threatened her with some more bad publicity- "I also was told yesterday via his lawyer if i do not settle out of court they will go to the press and say i gave him an STD, whats next?"

She also goes on to say that Hefe Wine's baby mama is in court as well, trying to settle a separate matter against him. "The thing that i find awfully sad about this whole story is that the mother of this mans 3 year old child is in court right now...saying he stalked, headbutted and tried to strangle her in january after their 7 year relationship ended. Why is her truth being overlooked in favor of sensationalism? It makes me so sad & my heart goes out to Annette Buitrago."

Read her full series of tweets below.