Iggy Azalea dropped off a surprise mixtape at the beginning of November with a few songs to hold her fans over in anticipation of her upcoming "finished" album, Surviving The Summer. Other than her last mixtape, the Aussie born artist has been keeping a pretty low profile - unless you follow her on Twitter where she tweets about everything from her eating habits to Netflix habits.

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In one of her latest Instagram shares, the "Fancy" rapper gave fans an eyeful with a revealing shot of her toned body while soaking up some sunshine. In the photo, you can see Iggy wearing a dark blue bikini bottom and a beige bandeau. She captions the picture: "It's always sunny somewhere."

Iggy recently championed a tweet by Cardi B where the "Motorsport" rapper asked: "I don’t understand why man hate on woman sooo much ? Do you guys want to suck and fuck the dicks us woman do ? Cause it seems like it when yaaa show sooo much hate on a bitch."

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Iggy replied to Cardi with: