Iggy Azalea's music career might not be going as she'd hoped of late, but her fitness level is definitely top-notch.

She's putting that bod on display for everyone else to see in her latest Instagram post, posing for a couple of selfies in a crop top and some pale bike shorts. Rocking the gray sneakers to finish the outfit off, that tight torso is something to behold.

Iggy Azalea's gym time certainly hasn't lagged as of late, which may be where she's taking out her frustration about the current state of her album, Digital Distortion. She revealed via Twitter that Def Jam would not be releasing any more singles from that LP, but Iggy is determined to plow on forward and continue on to bigger and better things musically. Plus, with that level of fitness, she should be able to carry all those expectations on her back pretty easily.

Check out the pictures below.