As Iggy Azalea returns to rapper-mode, so she is donning the necessary accoutrement that would follow suit. By that we mean, ice. The Australian blonde-haired rapper is finding her footing since the release of a new Quavo-backed single, "Savior." Just yesterday we heard her speak on the record's creation, and the place she was in that time-- a pretty bleak one, although that's all relative.

Her presence on social media may grow as well, as she promotes the single. She shared a photo of a new choker yesterday, iced out with the cartoon character Nemo from the beloved children's (and adult, let's be real) film, Finding Nemo. Apparently she's a fan, and would like Ellen DeGeneres to #twin with her by rocking a matching Dory chain.

Check out the chain below, and let us know what you think. How does it stack up in comparison to all these other rappers' cartoon chains?