Iggy Azalea is well-known for her long blonde locks and her curvaceous figure, but one of those two things is officially gone.

The new mother is officially debuting a brand new look, seemingly shaving her head and showing off her new buzzcut, which is dyed red.

Posting a new video to her ultra-popular TikTok account, the Australian rapper appears to have gone with a bold new hair look, writing: "Do you ever wonder how you’d look? I do."


Do you ever wonder how you’d look? I do. 😹

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In the clip, she stands in the bathroom mirror with her blonde locks intact, however, she holds a hair clipper in her hands. After contemplating whether or not she should pull through, she decided to just do it, cutting to a new image of her rocking a red buzzcut with a devious look on her face.

It's unclear if the artist is just wearing a wig or if she actually cut her hair off. People are undecided on social media, with the majority claiming she's just sporting a new wig.

Regardless, let us know how you think she looks? Is she killing the short-haired look and, if she hasn't already, should she go with this hairstyle permanently?

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Recently, Iggy also spoke on the mystery behind her boyfriend Playboi Carti's new album Whole Lotta Red, confirming that he's in the studio recording it and that she can't "tell his secrets" on when it's releasing.