Iggy Azalea is no rookie when it comes to clapping back to trolls or haters of any kind whether it be on Instagram or Twitter. More recently, Iggy has sent out a couple of tweets to some unnamed individuals who are allegedly trying to sabotage her career and as you can expect, Iggy's not here for it.

MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

"One thing ya gotta know about me is you can try to stomp out my fire but I’m always gonna keep popping back up. I literally will NEVER give up. Never have. NEVER will. EVEEREERRRRR. X 1000000," she wrote on Twitter. She later detailed how the person of interest is someone "powerful" but that means nothing. 

"I hear about so many higher up ppl tryna stomp on my neck thinking it won’t get back to me. It does. But you know what? You might be powerful but I know me & everyone supporting gonna keep going regardless. All my battles will be fought with positivity," she added.

If one thing's for certain, Iggy has never been one to quit, give up or let the haters win and that's something that will always be congratulated, especially considering the industry she's in.