Iggy Azalea has been teasing her fans (pun intended) with the release of her new mixtape, Surviving The Summer, for some time now. We're very close to getting to hear the project for ourselves, as it drops this Friday, July 6th. That being said, Iggy has been keeping a lot of the actual details about the project secret.

However, she's opted to give us one more preview before the project drops: Surviving The Summer's cover art.

Posted on her Twitter account yesterday, the cover shows Iggy, filled in with red light. Her outfit fits only the loosest definition of the word, as she's wearing only a mesh body suit with a matching head piece and plently of skin being shown off. An unidentified pair of hands covers her breasts while Iggy covers herself with a single white rose, the only thing in the cover that's not red or black.

The cover exemplifies several themes that have been present in Iggy's earlier previews. The color red was very apparent in the cover for one of her upcoming singles, and she's previously used white roses to cover herself in the past.

Iggy has never been afraid to show off her body before, and with this cover, it seems like she's almost entering into an arms race with Nicki Minaj over who can have the raciest cover. Check out Surviving The Summer's album art down below, and let us know whether you like Nicki or Iggy's cover more.