It was generally presumed that the reason that Iggy Azalea and Nick Young broke up was that Young had cheated on her again, even when she had threatened to chop off his dick the first time around. This presumption was not wrong. But as it turns out, this was not your garden-variety infidelity.

According to Life & Style, Azalea terminated her engagement with Young after finding out that he had impregnated Keonna Green, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his four-year-old son.

“He said it was a one-night stand and will never happen again,” a source told Life and Style. “But it’s too late. He is having another son!”

Azalea announced that she had broken up with Young via a note posted to Instagram. The fact that Swaggy P knocked up his ex-girfriend makes her note look even more stoic in retrospect:

“Unfortunately although I love Nick and have tried and tried to rebuild my trust in him – It’s become apparent in the last few weeks I am unable to,” she wrote. “I genuinely wish Nick the best. It’s never easy to part ways with the person you planned your entire future with, but futures can be rewritten and as of today mine is a blank page.”