Remember the video of Iggy Azalea attempting to freestyle at a festival and coming up short? Long after her single "Fancy" grew her into a successful rap artist, lost footage of Iggy at the Splash! Festival in Germany was unearthed of the rapper trying her hand at an acapella freestyle. Once the footage was found, it was turned into a ruthless meme and Iggy was the subject of cyberbullying for years after. When a Twitter user brought back the video, saying that the day that the cringe-worthy footage was found was one for the history books, the Aussie rapper responded, detailing her true feelings after she gained infamy for the 2013 performance.

In a since-deleted tweet, Iggy wrote, "It was great being bullied endlessly until I literally wanted to die because y'all unearthed a trash performance from the beginning of my career." Iggy's relationship with the internet has been rocky, to say the least. From being dragged for her plastic surgeries to the aforementioned meme, the Australian-born rapper has never been shy to show her authentic self in her replies. Iggy regularly keeps her haters in check, clapping back whenever necessary, and her fanbase admires her for standing up against the criticism.

Anybody that is a target of cyberbullying will tell you that it takes a toll on your mental health. What may seem funny to write to others via the internet can seriously damage somebody's life. We commend Iggy for getting through it and continuing to fight back amid all the hate.