Iggy Azalea's label dramas have prevented her from dropping music. Her album Digital Distortion was supposed to come out but didn't end up happening. She revealed late 2017 that she wasn't allowed to release new music until 2018 due to the fact that she switched record labels. To compensate, she dropped a four track EP online for free download to hold her fans over until she was ready to release new music. She announced earlier that her first single "Savior" with Quavo is slated to drop on Feb. 2nd and it looks like she's keeping to her word.

Iggy Azalea took to Instagram to share a few snippets of her upcoming single with Quavo. Her new single, "Savior," definitely falls in the category of pop. Quavo's had the magic touch with features for the past year so there's a good chance this single will help her with her comeback to the music game. From the snippet she shared, Quavo sounds like he's on hook duties with this one. Hopefully, he has an additional verse on it.

"I been looking for a savior/ I been looking for a real one to hold on to/ I been looking for a savior/ Savior, save me," he sings on the hook.

Aside from her upcoming single, Iggy Azalea was one of the many people to speak out against the Grammy President's comment about women having to "step up." In a series of tweets, she explained why his statements were infuriating towards women and said that every single woman in the music industry has tried to do what he suggested and constantly getting the door slammed in their face.

Peep the previews below.