Iggy Azalea has been quietly enjoying a solid year. Though her only musical project was a six-song EP, one of those songs, the Tyga-assisted "Kream," proved to be a massive hit. Though many have come to appreciate Iggy's updates for a variety of non-musical reasons, she recently made sure to provide her loyal fans with an update on her upcoming endeavors. 

"The ONLY snippet I’m posting," writes Iggy, tagging the title "Little Sally Walker" in the caption. The clip itself finds Iggy in the studio with two women, while a piano-driven banger plays in the background. In the clip, Iggy repurposes the childhood "Little Sally Walker" rhyme to suit her needs, as her two companions take turns twerking for good measure. The track itself seems like it has all the makings of a hit; one has to marvel at how many rappers Juvenile has influenced throughout the years, as Iggy pays homage to his iconic "Back That Azz Up" flow.

As of now, it's unclear when "Little Sally Walker" will drop, but it's likely set to arrive in 2019. When it does, it'll likely do wonders for Iggy's bank account, as she recently secured the rights to all of her masters. What do ya'll think? Can Iggy still make a mark on this game?