This year, Iggy Azalea has released her comeback single "Sally Walker" before complaining that industry types were trying to tear down her career. Her music may not receive the same amount of attention as it once did but she still manages to find ways to get people talking. The Australian rapper is currently in a relationship with Playboi Carti and those two have been sharing all kinds of romantic moments on social media. When she's not posted up alongside her boyfriend, Iggy is usually sharing some kind of thirst trap by the pool. Today, she flipped the script and ditched Carti for her "sugar daddy," laying down on his bed with a bunch of dogs and flaunting her lavish lifestyle.

The rapper's post was to announce a new single coming up on May 3. "Started" will soon be available on all streaming services but the way she's announcing it has confused some people. Iggy is clearly one of the most bougie women in the game, consistently flaunting her material artifacts and flexing across town. Now, we finally know how she's been staying afloat because these new photos seem to suggest a sugar daddy is in the picture, copping her anything and everything that she pleases. 

Some fans have started to joke that Playboi Carti aged rather quickly in the comments while others are just stoked about the upcoming song. Keep an eye out for new Iggy coming next month.