It's been a tough stretch for Iggy, mainly because of her highly publicized breakup with Swaggy P, as she (and the rest of the world) caught him cheating thanks to the snitch work of D'Angelo Russell. And that was only the beginning; baby mama drama proved to be the ultimate unraveling of the star couple. It's now been revealed that she has some financial woes to deal with as well. TMZ reports that Iggy has been hit with a tax lien for $269,980 for unpaid taxes in 2015. 

Iggy's team insists that she has already dealt with the new tax lien and that the back taxes were "due to an internal accounting error," reports ShowbizSpy

This happens to be the second time this year that Iggy has been forced to cough up a six figure sum to the IRS. In April, the government issued her a tax lien for over $390,000 for unpaid taxes in 2014, the year when she released her debut album, The New Classic