The Aussie rapper will be dropping her Glory EP soon, and discussed some details with AllHIpHop about a track that will feature both Pusha T and Cee-Lo Green, “Right now I’m waiting for Cee Lo to send me back his part, ’cause he’s singing a hook on a song I have with Pusha T,” Azalea told “Once I get that back, we should be good to go. Everything else is being mastered and mixed at the moment, so I’m just waiting for that one thing, and then I’ll put it out.”

Glory is a precursor to her full-length album The New Classic, which is scheduled to be released at the end of the year. The tracks on her EP were originally slated for her album, and were recorded while she was in Atlanta and spending time with other artists on Grand Hustle.  ““Everything that got recorded for Glory, for the most part, was intended for my album and I was doing this record while I was in Atlanta with everybody from Grand Hustle like Trae [the Truth] and all these other artists, and I was just around stuff that was so ‘rap’.” Iggy said. 

The content on Glory will satiate fans of more hard-rap records, “I like that ‘rap’ stuff as well, and I thought, ‘I want to make some songs like this and put them on my album,’ and other people weren’t really into that idea. So I thought I could put them out on Glory, because I still want to be able to give this to the world for everyone to be able to know that I can do these type of records.”

In the interview she also cleared up T.I.’s role for her full length LP, which he is executive producing, and the prospect of recording with other XXL Freshman like Future and Roscoe Dash.