Iggy Azalea has clearly been dealing with some label issues as of late and its been playing with her happy state. A few weeks back when she was posting some more nude photos, she defended her right by saying it's the only avenue where she has control. "Say what you want about me posting pictures on instagram but honestly, it gives me something else creative i can focus on," she tweeted. "Most days i want my project to drop, yesterday! but i dont get to make those choices."

She's now taken to Twitter yet again to express more frustration with some demands made by her team. Clearly Iggy was at a recent photo shoot and someone tried to control her way more than she wanted. 


She followed-up on her Spongebob tweet saying: "Im not going to let anything ruin my good mood or creative happy space im in lately. NOPE! Im having my fun and im having my happiness. It took me years to get back truly happy - and you cant take it from me."


Iggy previously announced that new music is coming on July 6th.