For those harboring desires that an Iggy Azalea autobiography would one day hit a bookstore near you, consider your wish granted. The Survive The Summer rapper has officially announced her plans to begin working on a memoir of sorts, though it's likely not what you might expect. 

"Me & David Ritz are writing a book about my life in Australia/moving to America as a kid etc," writes Iggy, via Twitter. "I’m really excited although it will take about a year to complete. I feel like I don’t speak much about that stuff in my songs and it will help my fans understand me on a deep level." When asked about whether the book would cover her rise to fame, Iggy confirmed that "it’s not about my life as a famous person." 

While the book is still in the developmental stages, it's interesting to note David Ritz' involvement in the project. Ritz has spent a lengthy career writing a variety of celebrity autobiographies, including Willie Nelson's "It's A Long Story" and Marvin Gaye's "Divided Soul." Iggy appeared humbled by his involvement, claiming "I’m genuinely honored someone as accomplished as he is would team up with me."

It's cool to see Iggy keeping it real, avoiding the "candy" in favor of something more substance-oriented. Keep an eye out for the project, which should start gaining traction in a year's time.