Iggy Azalea has always been the positive force in Demi Lovato's life when it comes to having her back, even through the recent setbacks the "Sober" singer has had. When Demi revealed that she broke her years of sobriety, Iggy stated how proud she was of her friend for being honest to her fans. Now that Demi is recovering in rehab from her recent drug overdose, Iggy is here again to be by her friend's side. 

“She needs her privacy, and it’s this funny tightrope for her to walk because she is so vulnerable and honest, and she touches so many people with her honesty and her openness, so I don’t know how she’ll continue this,” Azalea told PEOPLE. “I know she’ll find a way to share this story and turn it into something positive that other people can take from.”

As previously reported, Demi's overdose was said to be caused by oxycontin laced with Fentanyl, the same substance that caused the deaths of both Lil Peep and Prince. She's currently in rehab, separating herself from toxic people and bettering herself for the future.