The Californian Wildfires have taken their toll on the Los Angeles area, resulting in homeowners being forced to vacate their private residences. In some cases, they've even lost their homes. One such person that was forced to flee (for safety reasons) is Aussie-American rap darling Iggy Azalea. She shared the news with a curious fan on Twitter.

The initial response had the effect of arousing concern amongst her fans, prompting to issue a general response the same day. It appears that although Iggy has been advised to keep away, early reports indicate that her home is in a good state, in spite of the escalating fires.

"The fire came right up to my fence but didn't jump over," Iggy confirmed via Twitter. "Luckily we had a plane fly over and drop stuff on the fire so everyone's homes were saved. Not allowed back yet though." The rest of her exchanges with inquisitive fans can be viewed here.

Iggy's life has been anything but stable as of late. Just yesterday she and Bhad Bhabie stoked a feud that had been bumbling for months. Before that, Iggy Azalea had been forced to abandon her North American tour, then she lost her recording contract. Despite all the turmoil, Iggy continues to sport a positive attitude as she readies herself for new beginnings. Thankfully, she'll be able to chart her comeback in the comfort of her cozy home.