Instagram has a way of getting people to take their best photos in an effort to consistently wow their audiences. In a hyper-competitive social media landscape, you always need to one-up yourself in order to keep the public's interest, improving your content and always thinking of your next move. It appears as though Iggy Azalea's next move, in this case, was more of the same: showing off her killer body. Yesterday, the Australian star tweeted that she was "extremely single" after rumors had been swirling that she was romantically linked to Tyga, and now she's back to showing everybody what they're missing.

Scrolling down Iggy's social profile, it's not a secret that she loves to flaunt what she's got, showing off her curves and showcasing them to her millions of followers to envy. The most recent photos show the Aussie by the pool, taking in the sun and serving major looks for the camera. Of course, she knows which parts of her body to accentuate as her famous behind is put on display as she sits poolside, enjoying the views. While she has been critiqued by many for her music in the last few years, you have to admit that she looks incredible as of late.

As the summer nears, there's no doubt that Iggy will be satiating many people's thirst for months to come. Check out some of the best from her recent Insta posts below.