The days where T.I. and Iggy Azalea rolled as a unit are long gone. The passage of time has unearthed feelings of mutual disdain, which came to the fore during a recent speech from T.I. Reflecting on his career as a music executive, Tip named Iggy's signing as a "tarnish on his legacy," a claim he clarified during a stop on The Breakfast Club. "As far as I'm concerned, when she found out white people liked her and she didn't really need black people to like her, she switched up. Started acting different. Made moves I wasn't proud of." 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Naturally, Tip's comments didn't sit well with Iggy, who took to Twitter to call his credibility into question. Following a heated post-Breakfast Club response, Iggy decided to dig through the vaults, unearthing a throwback interview from their tenure as mentor and protege. In the unearthed piece, T.I. seems to praise Iggy's creativity, breaking down her process in a fashion that might shine light on ghostwriting claims.

"I mean, I ain't no ghostwriter," says Tip. "Iggy got her own ideas and thoughts she presents to the world in her own way. I couldn't write a lot of shit she says. I couldn't put her thoughts into words as articulate as she does. She just has a different way of presenting herself and her art." To be fair, it could be argued that Tip was talking his way around the heart of the question, especially given the fact he doesn't actually specify whether she writes her own music or not. Still, it's clear the relationship has soured beyond repair -- look for this to be the last either party speaks on the matter.