Iggy Azalea cleared up the confusion surrounding her Interscope deal after her show at S.O.B.'s on Thursday night.

The female rapper told XXL that she is managed by Interscope and wasn't dropped from them (she had never actually signed to them), "I wasn’t dropped by Interscope," she continued, "I’m still managed by [Interscope], but when T.I. came on board and it became a Grand Hustle thing. We were working on restructuring and we worked down to the final deal. There’s things that change when other people get involved.  For me, I choose my involvement with Tip because that’s my family over other things, so I’m thankful that I have him and he can kinda get me out of that situation; now it’s just strictly Grand Hustle."

Interscope's Vice President of Publicity, Yvette Gayle, also commented saying, "Iggy decided not to sign with Interscope, but she is still managed by Interscope Management."

Iggy added, "This has been this way for about two months now. Me or Interscope didn’t really feel it was necessary to speak on it because we have a great relationship still.  Everyone in that building is my friend and there’s a mutual respect there and nobody wants to do anything that makes anyone feel uncomfortable about anything else. There’s no bad blood between me and Interscope of course, they still manage me. So they play a big part in my career; but I can’t sign something that I don’t feel, you know, is 100% right.  So I did what was best for me and they did what was best for them business-wise."