Once upon a time, Iggy Azalea and T.I. were two peas in a pod. The Grand Hustle CEO looked upon the Australian rapper as a protegé and helped her navigate her career early on. Even as the public backlash over a Down Under rapper adopting a southern drawl to spit rhymes ensued, T.I. remained steadfast over his support of Iggy.

However, there were a few problematic moments that caused a rift in their working relationship. On her track "D.R.U.G.S.," Iggy called herself a "runaway slave master." Then, when Q-Tip sent her a message telling her that she needs to be more aware of the things she says as it pertains to the culture of hip hop, race, and politics, she said to him, "I’m also not going to sit on Twitter & play hip-hop squares with strangers to somehow prove I deserve to be a fan of or influenced by hip-hop."

The dismantling of T.I. and Iggy thus began, and over the last few years, there has been little to no direct links between the two. Nonetheless, hip hop fans remember those "No Mediocre" and "Murda Bizness" days, and one person brought it up on Twitter. It was a move that seemed to trigger the In My Defense rapper.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a series of tweets, a Twitter user claimed that T.I. was speaking about Nicki Minaj because he was trying to bait her into ranting about him in an effort to get her on his podcast, ExpediTIously. "Just notice how yet again, Nicki Minaj is mainly inactive and not even in the middle of a rollout and a n*gga has her name in his mouth. Again," they wrote. "Before anyone takes TI’s opinion on female rap seriously, never forget him co-signing the runaway slave master. T.I.’s issue is Nicki f*cked up his money. He propped a white girl up in 2013 hoping that her privilege would make her a superstar by way of rap and it almost worked, until Nicki crushed her into dust."

Iggy was made aware of the tweets, so she felt the need to respond—a message that she later deleted. "Trying to include me in these kinds of narrative that I have zero to do with, is so tired," she wrote. "T.i. does not have any money tied to me, period. Me winning OR losing doesn't have to do with his wallet & never has. Let t.i. be a hater if he wants to without involving me." Does the fan have a point?