Hip-hop power couples are an increasingly rare breed, but it would appear that Playboi Carti and Iggy Azalea are cementing themselves as a sturdy romantic partnership. Naturally, Iggy made sure to stand by her man during a recent interview with Men's Health, where she hit his upcoming Whole Lotta Red with a whole lotta praise. "I'm never gonna tell you when Whole Lotta Red is dropping, you guys. Nice try," Azalea said, keeping things coy. "I can tell you Whole Lotta Red is amazing and it's next level and it's way better than anything any of the other people I heard doing, for real."

While we shouldn't expect Playboi Carti to take Whole Lotta Red in a Chance-esque direction, perhaps a little bit of love is exactly what the doctor ordered. After all, a man may Die Lit, but has he ever truly lived before feeling his heart swell? Perhaps Whole Lotta Red will hold the answers, revealing a depth of Carti's character we have yet to see. Or perhaps he'll simply don his signature "Pissy Pamper" and continue forging new trail and setting new trends. Either way, we're intrigued to see where the chips fall. 

Though Iggy remained quiet where a potential release date is concerned, Playboi himself has been more open about the possibilities. A few days back, he gave himself a window of 60 days, which means we'll be seeing the "Next Level" album arrive before year's end. Are you excited for this one? And while you're pondering, do you think we'll see an Iggy feature?