Having just dropped off her latest EP Survive The Summer on Friday, miss Iggy Azalea has tapped one of her long-time friends, and "Kream" collaborators, Tyga, to grab some R&R on a yacht in Miami. The duo was seen posted up on restaurant entrepreneur David Grutman's boujee boat, before their evening performance at LIV on Sunday night - check out the photos below.

In other news surrounding her latest project, the 28-year-old Australian born rapper recently discussed her choice of dropping a mixtape over a full album. “I felt like I was in a way taking a risk by going back to my mixtape vibe,” she told RapUp. “I was going against what had been my recipe for success for the last few years. … Being on a bigger platform now, how would those people feel about mixtape Iggy?”

On the topic of her and Tyga's friendship, having met back in 2009, she gave him a few words of advice when he was readying his track "Taste."

“People wanna see basically ‘Rack City’ Tyga,” she told Tyga at the time. “I was like, ‘People wanna see you get your dick out and just smack someone across the face with it.’ Musically, that’s what we want from you.”