Last week Iggy Azalea and Tyga were spotted arriving at a music video set in Los Angeles for an upcoming, unannounced collaboration. We do know that Iggy has been boasting about something coming on July 6th but we can't say for sure if it's a single or a full project of some sort. We can now confirm that whatever form it does come in, Tyga is very much involved since new photos see the duo posted up together behind the scenes. 

Iggy hit up Instagram to share a selection of photos from the blue-hazed shoot and one photo, in particular, sees her and Tyge getting close. We think it's safe to say their intimacy may just be for the collaboration and all hype surrounding them possibly dating may be a far reach. 

In the meantime, check the photos below and get ready for the official drop arriving in two days. 

Iggy recently talked about getting political and how it's something she doesn't do since she's an immigrant. “I'm on a visa. I'm not trying to go to a protest where they're arresting celebrities and making an example of them because I'll get deported.” she said. “I don't think you'll ever see me at a march. I should show that I support those things but I'm not a political activist. I don't wanna bring the complications of the world into my arena. I understand why people criticize that because I have a voice in hip-hop. I make 'black' music. I don't want people to think it's not something I care about. I want to make music for girls in the gym.”