The generational battle we never asked for is upon us. Now that Iggy Azalea is an American citizen nothing is holding her back from giving her foes the proverbial backhand. Bhad Bhabie has shaded Iggy in the past for a number of reasons that are hard to keep track of, considering the rate at which the teenager rapper speaks her mind. Bear in mind, Bhabie did ostensibly diss Iggy on her debut project 15, something the Aussie-American decided to ignore, until Today.

Incidentally, it was Iggy Azalea that struck first this go-around, when a mutual acquaintance of both artists' lent her support to an upcoming Bhad Bhabie concert with the following tagline: "Who’s going to see Bhad Bhabie on tour?" -- a question that prompted a snide response from Iggy Azalea.

Soon after Iggy issued her sarcastic "are you?" response to their mutual acquaintance, Bhad Bhabie never one to let things idle, jumped into the fire herself, challenging Iggy to pay the price of admission. Her message: "You should come. Would be a good memory for u to see what a sold-out show looks like." 

If you didn't already know, Bhad Bhabie is referencing the fact Iggy Azalea recently had her tour canceled by the people at Island Records. Soon after that, Iggy was "liberated" from her contract, and is now free to seek any project or contract brought to her attention.